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In the past few years I’ve had five blogs: Homeless and Female, A Picture a Day, Tranquil Light Photography, A Free Spirited Woman and this one; Woman With a Pen.

As you can imagine, it was difficult to keep up with so many blogs so I’ve decided to create one that incorporates all of the above into one blog. To visit my new blog, click here:

Nomad for Nature

In this new blog I share stories of my Nomadic life, my photography, and my poetry and other writings.

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Many thanks to you all for following me over the years.
Happy Trails

Roxy ~ a Nomad for Nature


A Sonnet for Everett Ruess ~ by Edward Abbey

Everett Reuss

You walked into the radiance of death through passageways of stillness,

stone and light, gold coin of cottonwoods,

the spangled shade, cascading song of canyon wrens,

the flight of scarlet dragonflies at pools,

the stain of water on a curve of sand,

the art of roots that crack the monolith of time.

* * *

You knew the crazy lust to probe the heart of that which has no heart that we could know,

towards the source, deep in the core,

the maze,

the secret center where there are no bounds.

* * *

Hunters, brother,

companion of our days; that blessing which you hunted,

hunted too,

what you were seeking,

that is what found you.

* * *

A Sonnet for Everett Ruess ~ by Edward Abbey

Originally posted on my other WordPress blog:

The Right Road

nothing is sure, everything is possible

If we knew we were on the right road, having to leave it would mean endless despair.

But we are on a road that only leads to a second one, and then to a third one and so forth.

And the real highway will not be sighted for a long, long time, perhaps never.

So we drift in doubt.

But also in an unbelievable, beautiful diversity.

Thus the accomplishment of hope remains an always unexpected miracle.

But in compensation, the miracle remains forever possible.


By Franz Kafka